Tuesday, November 14, 2017

VJ’s ‘hijack’ prank has a not so ‘happy’ ending

Video jockey and television personality Clince Varghese is apparently prone to flights of fancy in his 'quest for epic selfies' but on Monday noon, a harmless prank landed him in serious trouble. About to board a Jet Airways flight scheduled to take off from Kochi for Mumbai at 12.05 pm, Varghese was uploading a selfie-video onto his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and added as voice-over that he was going to 'hijack' the plane with 'happy vibes'.
The very mention of hijack was enough to send the airline staff into a tizzy, though they had wrongly heard 'happy vibe' as 'happy bomb'. Varghese suddenly found himself surrounded by security staff who quickly hustled him away.
The police said that the airline staff immediately informed the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). A 'bomb threat assessment committee', which includes members of the airport, airlines and security officials assessed the matter.
The baggage of Varghese and his friend, Ajay Menon, was checked, and the two of them were taken away from the tarmac.
All passengers on the flight were asked to evacuate the aircraft and their luggage checked before the flight was cleared for take-off at 2.02 pm after being delayed for nearly two hours.
Varghese and his friend were later handed over the police for further investigation. Circle inspector P M Baiju said Varghese will be charged under Section 118 of the Kerala Police Act for creating a security scare and misleading security personnel. He is most likely to be let out on bail on Tuesday.
14/11/17 Times of India