Thursday, November 30, 2017

Washington based Indian woman slams Jet Airways for misplacing baggage and delaying claim

When 47-year-old, a Washington-based software engineer and teacher, was set to travel to Mumbai for a family wedding in July this year, she was all excited about India, and meeting family and friends. But, on landing in Mumbai by a Jet Airways flight from Dubai, she realised that both her bags were not on the flight, and then began a more than four-month long ordeal to get adequate compensation from the airline.

Based in Sterling, Viriginia, a suburb of Washington DC, Rangwani and her 14-year-old son Anshul travelled by an Air Canada flight from Washington Dulles international airport to Mumbai via Toronto Pearson International Airport on July 11. "However the Washington-Toronto flight was delayed and so we were rerouted from Toronto to Mumbai via Dubai. The Dubai to Mumbai was a Jet Airways flight. When we landed in Mumbai, we realised that our luggage did not come, and they said it was still in Toronto and would come the next day. It took four days and arrived on July 16," said Rangwani speaking to Mumbai Mirror from her home Sterling.
Rangwani and her son were given an initial compensation of Rs 2000. "We had to attend a wedding, and we had nothing with us. We had to purchase everything new as both bags did not arrive with us. After the wedding till August 2 when I left for Washington, I had to virtually call Jet Airways pretty much every day, and spend lots of time explaining the same thing. I was always told they will call back, but never did," she said.
In her complaint, Rangwani had sought a compensation of USD 200 per day per person or USD 800 for four days of delayed baggage (Rs 51600) and wanted the airline to deduct the initial Rs 4000 and pay the remaining amount. Though Rangwani had submitted bills worth Rs 21,209 for new purchases she had to make in absence of her baggage to the airline, the airline only approved a compensation amount of Rs 6000 as per the email exchange with Baggage Service Unit of the airline. Later on August 24, it reviewed the amount to Rs 21209 which has still not reached her account.