Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A 3.5 hour delay, an inflight emergency and a grounding on foreign land – The story of a Mumbai-London flight

Baku: The 198 flyers on the British Airways flight BA 198 from Mumbai to London are probably wishing they had never boarded the flight.

The harrowing time for the unsuspecting flyers began on Monday afternoon after their flight, scheduled to take off at 1:15 pm, was delayed for nearly three and half hours and only took off at 5 pm due to heavy snowfall at London.

When the passengers had probably just settled in, an in-flight emergency ensured that the flight had to make an emergency landing at Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, just a few hours after the take-off on Monday evening.
Incidentally, former SBI Chairman, Arundhati Bhattarcharya is said to be among the passengers stranded at the Baku airport following the diversion of the BA flight.

As per protocol, whenever such detours take place and the repairs of the diverted plane requires a longer time, usually, the airlines sends a ferry aircraft to fly the stranded passengers to the destination.
And now, almost 20 hours after the take off, the poor passengers find themselves grounded at a foreign location, as the plane is yet to take off from Baku.

To put it in perspective, flight BA 198 was supposed to reach London from Mumbai in nine hours and the passengers have already spent double the amount of time in transit and are yet to reach their destination.

12/12/17 Times Now