Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Airfare, bus tickets go through the roof

Kochi: Malayalis who wish to return home for Christmas and New Year holidays from other states will have a heartburn as airline tickets rates have more than tripled. The costliest fare for flights in domestic or international sectors are on December 23. Flight tickets from Bengaluru that cost roughly Rs 1,400, stand at Rs 8,000 on December 23, six times and the actual cost. Flights from Mumbai on December 23 are priced at Rs 15,300, which would otherwise cost just Rs 3,500.
Ticket prices for all dates during Christmas period has increased due to the dynamic pricing followed by airlines that allows them to increase fares when there is a higher demand for tickets. Flight tickets from west Asia has also increased from Rs 6,000 to Rs 15,000. In the international sector, the increase in fare is limited to the days surrounding Christmas but extends all the way to New Year.
"Airlines do not have a benchmark-rate; we follow a dynamic rate system. During low seasons, scheduled carriers are mostly operating at loss. Some of them lower their rates to manage break even and that rate should not be set as a benchmark. These low rates are often compensated by peak season," said an aviation industry insider.
19/12/17 Vikram Vinod/Times of India