Monday, December 25, 2017

All you have to do is fly: on radio-controlled planes

A few months back when Porus Shroff, an RC (Radio-Controlled) plane enthusiast, found his teenage son glued to his electronic gadgets, he knew it was time to take drastic measures. So he returned to his hobby that he had quit earlier, but this time got his son hooked onto it too.

“There was no looking back after that. My son got so involved with building his own RC planes and flying them that these days he uses his gadgets only to learn something about these planes. Even his academics have improved after this, he shows a lot of interest in science and mathematics,” affirms a proud Shroff.

RC planes, which are operated from the ground with a radio transmitter, are becoming quite popular among aviation geeks in the city.

With roughly around 50,000 flyers in the country, Bengaluru has two RC clubs that gives interested people an opportunity to learn aero-modelling and fly the planes.
Sujju, the president of Club RcBazaar in Jaya Nagar, who has been flying planes for almost 37 years, says: “We have about 95 members and our aim is to mainly promote aero modellers. The runway we use is located in the Hennagara Lake bed, which is 20 kms from the city and is open every weekend.”

According to him, flying RC planes is an extremely creative hobby. The reason, explains, Sujju, is a learning process that includes engineering, drawing, designing, building and understanding aero dynamics, which is not very easy. “The whole concept of building and flying has always interested me from childhood and I can proudly say that this is what let me to pursue engineering,” he recalls.
25/12/17 Vinisha Raju/The Hindu