Sunday, December 17, 2017

Alliance Air Aircraft delayed after wing hits step ladder in Chennai Airport

Chennai: A Chennai-Trichy Alliance Air flight was delayed by three hours following a freak mishap at Chennai Airport when the wing of the ATR aircraft which was being towed to Bay 51 hit a step ladder belonging to Indigo Airlines.

Forty-two passengers who were to board the aircraft that was scheduled to depart at 7.05 am had to wait at the airport for three hours as the aircraft had to get the clearance of Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) before taking off.

An airport official told Express that the incident happened at 6.30am when the flight was being readied to board the passengers.

As per the norms any incident involving the aircraft, a DGCA clearance is mandatory. DGCA officials inspected the aircraft and allowed it to fly as there was no damage to the aircraft. The flight departed for Trichy at 10.10am.

17/12/17 New Indian Express