Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Board that flight with your pets

Chennai: Life had indeed come a full circle for tiny shitzu Oreo. His first family had chosen to leave him behind in a boarding when they relocated to USA. However, as fate will have it his new adoptive family, a young couple, Balaji and Vidya Ethiraj, moved heaven and earth to take the tiny tyke along with them when they moved to the States few years after adopting him.

Pet relocation, either domestic or international, given little time and effort can be handled by the pet parents themselves like Balaji and Vidya who chose to relocate with their pet or take help from professional relocaters such as Pawsome Hotels. Devyani Yadav, co-founder of Pawsome Hotels, has helped relocate over a hundred pets internationally so far and helps in domestic relocations too. She strongly suggests to plan the schedule properly as every country has a different set of rules.
The basic requirements for a foreign travel of a pet will be to start with micro chipping, up-to-date vaccinations, crate training, blood test, export documentation and final departure. EU process takes approximately four months while Australia and New Zealand takes around seven months. Canada and USA are the most pet friendly countries and takes less than a month for the due process.

Vaccination and health reports should not only be updated but properly recorded as India is considered to be a high risk country for rabies. However, it is important to get the test done in an EU approved lab ONLY as otherwise, it won’t be accepted by other countries.
12/12/17 Debaleena Ghosh/Indian Express