Sunday, December 10, 2017

China not satisfied with India’s position of Drone “intrusion”

Four months after defusing Doklam stand-off , India and China have entered into another controversy over India’s drone entering into the disputed territory near Sikkim on Friday, where both  armies remained face to face for 64- days before returning to their bases.

An Indian army drone entered Chinese territory and crashed in an area close to Sikkim. Chinese Defence and Foreign ministries called the incident an “intrusion” and voiced strong opposition.

The deputy director of the Chinese Army’s western theatre combat bureau Zhang Shuil, said in a statement, “The Indian move violated China’s territorial sovereignty. We strongly express our dissatisfaction and opposition.”
India’s defence ministry responded with a statement saying, “An Indian UAV which was on a regular training mission inside the Indian territory lost contact with the ground control due to some technical problem and crossed over the LAC [Line of Actual Control] in the Sikkim Sector.”

Meanwhile, Chinese official daily Global Times has responded to India’s request to return the drone saying, “We believe that this is not the time for India to make such a request. India needs to first correct its attitude by admitting the intrusion was wrong. It needs to apologize to China and promise no such incident will ever happen again.”

It further said, “The statement by the Indian defense ministry barely mentioned the intrusion, with no hint of an apology.”
10/12/17 APN