Friday, December 08, 2017

Civil Aviation Requirements for drones to be in place by December end; India emerges as most promising market

New Delhi: Unmanned aircraft systems—drones in popular parlance—have captured the imagination of people across the globe. Much of it comes from the widespread attention drones have received on their reconnaissance and weapons delivery missions in war zones like Afghanistan. Essentially military missions, the idea of an operator sitting in the West Coast dropping ordnance on a faraway target brings to life the idea of a pilot-less aircraft.
However, the role of drones can be extended to civilian requirements as well. In fact, drones are not new to civilian operators—hobbyists have been operating drones for decades. But it is when unmanned aircraft are extended to commercial uses, do we have challenges in the name of legislation, privacy, safety, training and a host of other issues.
In civilian applications, drones come in handy in a variety of industries. Be it asset monitoring, maintenance, upkeep or preparation or response to disasters, drones are ideal for infrastructure or construction industries. The transportation industry will find unmanned aircraft useful for delivery of goods and medicine, especially in inaccessible terrain. India is replete with varied geography, and be it riverine terrain or mountainous regions, drones can provide that much needed connectivity. This is in addition to the fancied role drones are expected to play in e-commerce!
08/12/17 Financial Express