Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Crew didn’t see any misbehaviour on flight: Vistara

New Delhi: he Vistara crew "did not observe" any type of misbehaviour by any passenger on its Delhi-Mumbai flight (UK 981) last Saturday (December 9), the airline has told aviation regulator DGCA in response to an allegation by a teenaged actress that she was harassed by a person seated behind her on the flight.
Vistara also reportedly said that the mother of the teenaged girl, who was seated next to her, did not register a police report after reporting the matter to the airline at Mumbai airport on arrival.
"At one point during final descent into Mumbai when the aircraft was in 'sterile mode' (when the crew cannot leave their seats as per safety procedures) the crew heard (the minor) speak loudly to the passenger seated behind her. But the crew was not aware of the subject matter of this discussion." "After landing, even while the aircraft was taxiing, a crew member went to (the minor) and enquired if everything was alright. (She) did not respond to the question.
13/12/17 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India