Sunday, December 31, 2017

Delhi smog causes unprecedented flight delays

Smog level in Delhi is close to hazardous and on some days it is more than apocalyptic. 2017 has literally been the defining year for climate calamity and absolutely nothing is able to control it, especially in India. With the order of Chief Minister, they fired anti-smog guns in the atmosphere but it seems to have backfired or certainly didn’t help. Level of mercury is rising on alarm rates inside the body of people who live in Delhi-NCR region. Climate authorities have given their reports about uncontrollable atmospheric changes which have gone random enough to not be predicted anymore. If this continues than soon enough scientists won’t be able to issue pre-alerts regarding cyclones and Tsunami which will result in unfathomable loss of life.

In the spell-binding conditions of this catastrophe airport authorities were forced to cancel some of domestic and international flights as the visibility distance above Delhi airport is close to nothing now. Time of peak winters is going on and Delhi already faces enough fog every year for flights to get suspended and mixed smoke with it has made it almost impossible t fly during early morning hours. Morning hours is the time when the smog is at it’s maximum and it became quite a task to clear the visibility on the runway itself and flying was clearly not an option.
31/12/17 By Shubham Dwivedi/NewsFolo