Monday, December 25, 2017

DRI busts racket, foreign notes worth Rs 99 lakh seized

Ahmedabad: Directorate of revenue intelligence (DRI) Ahmedabad unit has busted smuggling of foreign currency of Rs 99 lakh at Hyderabad international airport and on the basis of the intelligence input shared by the agency two passengers were also apprehended in the case.
Officials said that the agency had specific intelligence that two passengers Bunty Ramnani and Rajendra Prasad Gupta both from Ulhasnagar in Thane of Maharashtra will be attempting to smuggle foreign currency out of India to Dubai and Sharjah respectively. The agency also came to know that these passengers will first go from Mumbai to Hyderabad as domestic passengers and from Hyderabad to Dubai and Sharjah by Air Arabia Airlines and Fly Dubai Airlines respectively in the early Sunday morning.
Intelligence further indicated that the accused will be concealing foreign currency inside the rectum, handles of their trolley bags, mobiles and inside false cavities of slippers worn by them to avoid detection by Customs at Hyderabad International Airport.
"DRI, Ahmedabad passed the intelligence to air intelligence unit (AIU) of Hyderabad International Airport. The officers of AIU at Hyderabad intercepted both passengers when they reached there to board the flights. On interrogation they denied carrying any foreign currency with them. Then the officers of AIU conducted thorough personal search of these passengers along with search of their checked-in-baggage.
During the search foreign currencies like Euro and US Dollar worth Rs 99 lakhs were recovered. Assorted foreign currencies were shaped into rolls and these rolls were concealed in their rectums, in the handles of their trolly bags, in false cavities of slippers worn by them and inside the mobile phones they were carrying with them. In the interrogation it was revealed that these passengers were carriers deployed by a smuggling syndicate based at Ulhasnagar," said officials.
25/12/17 Times of India