Sunday, December 10, 2017

Drones Are All Set To Take Off In India

Imagine getting a pizza delivered to your doorstep by a drone, or a new pair of shoes that you just bought online being flown to you by an unmanned aerial vehicle. No, this isn’t just a publicity stunt or something that will happen only in Seattle or New York. In fact, if all goes well, this could be a reality in India by as early as next year.
Amazon has already filed for a patent in India for exclusive rights on a a type of delivery drone in India.
After years of restricting the use of drones, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation came out with a draft drone policy in November.
“The policy is futuristic and innovation friendly. The extensive ground work and intent behind its formulation is highly encouraging for drone companies and exponents,” Vignesh Santhanam of Quidich Innovation Labs, a leading aerial drone solution company in Mumbai, told BloombergQuint.
Quidich Innovation Labs was started by a bunch of drone enthusiasts from the garage of one of the co-founders. And what started out as a tool for filmmaking has now become a full fledged aerial drone solutions company in the last four years. The young founders of the company say the fact that the draft drone policy is in place has proved to be very good for business.
10/12/17 Bloomberg Quint