Friday, December 29, 2017

Fog effect continues: 10 flights delayed, 5 trains arrive late

Mohali: Morning Shatabdi Express (12011) chugged into the city station around one hour 19 minutes late on Thursday due to fog. Evening Shatabdi Express (12005) was also late by 37 minutes. Five trains arrived late at Chandigarh station on Thursday.
The fog affect continue to haunt the airline operators as 10 flights had delayed arrival. Also, an equal number of flights had delayed departure from Chandigarh International Airport.
Air India Express Sharjah flight (IX-188) landed one hour 23 minutes late at the airport. The officials of Air India said the flight departed late from Sharjah because of which it landed late here. The same flight also departed late from Chandigarh by one hour 15 minutes.
Five flights from Delhi had delayed arrival and departure at Chandigarh International Airport. Flights from Mumbai and Srinagar were also running behind schedule. Air Asia flight from Bengaluru arrived on time. According to an official, it had delayed departure by 20 minutes because other flights were running late. Jet Airways flight from Mumbai arrived 20 minutes late and departed 29 minutes late from the airport. Spice Jet flight from Srinagar also arrived late by 23 minutes at the airport.
29/12/17 Times of India