Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Full runway operations to take few months more

Surat: High-flying Surtis and airline companies will have to wait for another couple of months before the 2,905 metre runway is made operational at the city airport.
The expansion of the runway to 2,905 metres and the strengthening work on 185 metre patch on it were supposed to complete by March 2017. However, the work was delayed for almost six months due to less workforce and slow decision making by authorities concerned. For limited international operations, the airport needs 2,905 metre runway, which has been reduced to 1,900 metre due to strengthening work on the 185 metre patch. The strengthening work on the runway was stopped due to heavy rains and for want of dry days in August. The 185 metre patch is located in the middle of the existing runway. Due to re-carpeting and strengthening work, about 1,000 metre runway was not in use. At present, the usable length of the runway at the airport is just 1,905 metre, which is not enough for landing of wide-bodied aircraft.
12/12/17 Times of India