Monday, December 11, 2017

Gold found abandoned inside Air India flight

Thiruvananthapuram: Gold in the form of nine biscuits, each weighing 116.6g, was found abandoned in an Air India Express flight, which landed at Trivandrum International Airport on Monday.
The gold was found abandoned inside the tissue paper tray in the toilet of the aircraft. Based on a tip-off that gold was being smuggled in the flight, the officers of customs preventive unit conducted the inspection in the aircraft, after it was shifted from the bay to the apron. The gold was recovered during the search.
The Air India Express flight IX 540 had arrived at the international terminal of Trivandrum International Airport at 2.30 am. "As the aircraft was scheduled to depart for return journey in next few hours, only the cleaning and maintenance staff have access to the aircraft at the apron," said an official from customs preventive unit. "It indicates that a different modus operandi and more than one person may be involved in the act. It may be the strict checking and x-ray screening that led them to adopt the new method. We are investigating the case, to find whether the staff at the airport are involved in the smuggling," said the official.
11/12/17 Times of India