Friday, December 29, 2017

IndiGo moves court against Delhi Airport

Delhi Airport's proposed infrastructure of the domestic terminal upgrade faces a major roadblock as has moved court against the direction to partially shift its operations to Terminal 2. DIAL-operator of had asked the airline to shift its flights to Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore by January 4.
In its petition filed before Delhi High Court, has asked for a stay on the shifting order challenging the airport operator’s authority to decide the course of action regarding shifting of operation. 
"the restrictions sought to be imposed by DIAL could destroy IndiGo’s business, the reputation of which has been built up over last 11 years. DIAL's directions are completely arbitrary and do not have any nexus with the object sought to be achieved- decongestion," said.
has also made Ministry of Civil Aviation, Airport Authority of India (AAI) and Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) a party to the case.
Multiple rounds of negotiations between the airport operator and the airlines failed after the airport operator had asked the airlines to shift. According to the plan, IndiGo, and were asked to shift one-third of their flights to Terminal-2, by October 29. which operates 306 daily flight services including 86 to Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore refused to shift saying that it will lead to loss of business as October was a peak traffic season and shifting would lead to inconvenience for passengers. A maximum number of passengers that can travel to Delhi by are from these three sectors, this will lead to widespread confusion among our passengers,” said. 
29/12/17 Oakwood Herald