Friday, December 08, 2017

Mallya's actions don't indicate he knew about airline's impending doom: Defence witness

London: Vijay Mallya’s defence witness is set to present at London’s Westminster Magistrates Court in his testimony that the liquor baron wasn’t aware of Kingfisher Airlines impending failure, on Thursday.

Mallya will return to the court for the hearing of his extradition case, which is being heard on the behest of the Indian Government, after a day’s break.

Paul Rex, a London-based independent banking expert and Managing Director of overseas GBRW Expert Witnesses, will present his testimony before the court as defence witness.

Rex, who has previously acted on behalf of State Bank of India in a case involving the World Bank, claimed in his testimony, “The actions of Mallya, particularly in relation to the personal guarantee he gave for the loans obtained from the IDBI (Bank), do not indicate that he or Kingfisher Airlines knew that the airline was 'doomed to failure'."
07/12/17 Poonam Joshi/ANI