Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mumbai airport's dog therapy a hit among fliers

Besides the fear of being airborne, passengers nowadays have plenty to stress them out, right from the tedious task of packing to making it to the airport on time, from the fear of rising terrorist activities globally to experiencing anxiety and nervousness of going through a multitude of security procedures.

Fortunately, airports have become cognizant of how uneasy and frustrated travelers tend to get while travelling. In keeping with this thought, the Mumbai International Airport Pvt. Ltd. (MIAL) has introduced a distinctive and captivating way of allowing passengers to unwind. In the form of 'Comforting Angels'. Mumbai International Airport offers its passengers a unique and fun way of loosening up, by interacting with its therapy dogs while they wait for their flights. They not only de-stress travellers running on a tight schedule, but also help calm nervous first-time fliers before they board their planes.

Initially introduced in September 2015 at the international terminal of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport to help passengers shake off their jet-lag after long flights, the service has now also been made available at the domestic terminus, as the four-legged therapists worked wonders for the travelers' mood. The therapy dogs move freely around Terminal 2 with their handlers, and passengers are welcome to engage with them absolutely free of cost. Playing fetch, rolling around on the ground, or even simply spending a few moments to cuddle these furry angels is a guaranteed stress-buster. Even the most harried passengers do not fail to smile at the sight of these friendly faces.
16/12/17 Yogesh Naik/Mumbai Mirror