Saturday, December 30, 2017

Now, Veg khao, paisa bachao: Air India style

If you have been wondering why non-vegetarian food has been missing from the menu of Air India’s domestic flight in certain categories, DNA has the answer... The ministry of civil aviation has informed that this has been done to cut costs.

On Thursday, the ministry informed that it had discontinued non-vegetarian dishes in the economy class of domestic sector flights since June 20, 2017.

The airlines has estimated that this step will help provide an annual saving of Rs 8-10 crore. The airline continues to serve non-vegetarian meals in all classes of international flights. Passengers who travel in the business class of domestic travel too are also served non-veg meals. However, it’s the general public which usually travels in economy class and is not getting non- veg meals in the airline. Sources informed that the decision was taken based on a circular issued in 2015, regarding not to provide non-veg meals in flights of duration between 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

Apart from cost saving, the step will also ensure avoiding any chance of mix up of meals .

Other reasons include reduction in wastage and  improvement in service .

Air India currently operates flights from Jaipur for more than half a dozen destinations like Delhi, Mumbai Bhopal  Lucknow etc and a large number of people used to book non veg meals for their journey with Air India.Meanwhile, private carriers do offer non-veg meals in flights and also in pre-booking and on occasions offer discounts.
30/12/17 DNA