Saturday, December 30, 2017

President Ram Nath Kovind’s Daughter Worked As Air Hostess And Even Her Colleagues Don’t Know It

Until National Democratic Alliance (NDA) choose Ram Nath Kovind as its Presidential Candidate, only people of Bihar knew him as he served as the Governor of Nitish Kumar-ruled State. Today, the whole world came to know about him as he is the honorable President of India.
His down to earth nature, calm attitude and simplicity are what makes him a better person and a leader and a man on whom we all can look up to. Little did we know, he is a proud father and his daughter loves to live life on her own terms. She never used her father’s name as a crown.

Ramnath Kovind and his wife Savita has two kids, Prashant and Swati. He had to go through all the ups and downs that life had to offer and he never complained but kept on moving forward. And the same qualities were seen in his children.
Swati has previously worked with Air India as an air hostess, but there was a time when she had to give up her job. Swati was a cabin crew on Air India’s Boeing 787 and Boeing 777 flights. When Swati’s father was about to become the President Of India, she reacted completely normal and even now, she refuses to use her father’s name for her betterment.
Swati, who was an air hostess with national carrier Air India, has been assigned ground duties because of security reasons. Ms. Swati, for nearly a month now she has been deputed with Air India’s integration department at the airline’s headquarters, a spokesperson said.

After Ram Nath Kovind was declared as the President of the country, a felicitation ceremony was organized on Mr. Kvind’s honor and that is when his entire family shot to fame. For the felicitation ceremony, Swati had to take leave, but, even then she did not let her co-workers know that her father has become the President of India.

An AI Official said, Swati neither uses her surname nor throws any tantrums though she belongs to an influential family. In the official records, her father’s name is mentioned as RN Kovind. She didn’t even mention the reason when privilege leave was sought recently when Kovind contested Presidential Polls.
30/12/17 Vamshi Krishna/All India Roundup