Friday, December 22, 2017

Regional routes power India's Civil Aviation sector (2017 in Retrospect)

New Delhi: Indias civil aviation sector soared in 2017 as passenger traffic continued to rise on the back of more regional flights and higher disposable income levels.

Addressing industry chamber Ficci's 90th AGM here earlier this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said his government's policy reforms had resulted in an equitable and inclusive growth for the sector.

"In the aviation sector, we have brought in policy changes that have enabled even a 'hawai chappal' (slipper)-wearing person to avail the benefits of air travel. We have brought this type of change," Modi said.

Besides augmenting passenger traffic growth, the Rs 2,500-an-hour flight services launched under the regional air connectivity -- UDAN -- scheme also expanded the country's aviation infrastructure.

In the first phase, contracts to five companies were awarded to operate flight services on 128 routes to 70 airports. Till recently, RCS-Udan operations to 13 airports had commenced, with an additional 12 ready to receive flights.
22/12/17 IANS/Business Standard