Friday, December 01, 2017

Wall replaced with barbed wire fencing at Mandakalli Airport; security at risk?

Mysuru:- The airports are places where high security has to be maintained 24 hours in order to provide safe flight to thousands of air travellers including VIPs and dignitaries. Imagine an airport which is taking chances on security aspects and putting the travellers to vulnerability. One such airport is the Mandakalli Airport on Mysuru-Ooty Road here which is lacking in security measures and any untoward incident may occur and put the travellers’ life at risk.

The compound wall at Mandakalli Airport had collapsed a few months ago, but the officials haven’t taken an initiative to get the wall constructed, about 50 metres in length. Shockingly the wall has not been reconstructed and instead it has been fenced with barbed wires.
01/12/17 City Today