Sunday, December 24, 2017

Why Jet Airways flights are getting delayed

Mumbai/New Delhi: If you are a Jet Airways frequent flyer, chances are there that you have faced a delayed flight more than once in the last few months. Over the past four months, the airline has been the worst performer on parameters of punctuality in domestic routes with an OTP of 54 percent in November- meaning it barely managed to operate half of its flight on schedule. Rivals SpiceJet and IndiGo registered an OTP of above 80 percent.

So what went wrong and why is Jet struggling to be punctual? A combination of factors, starting from the airline’s push to increase utilisation of fleet and shortage of human resources to infrastructure bottleneck at Mumbai airport (the airlines’ hub) has resulted in serial delays with the airline facing passenger’s ire on social media.

Sources within the airline suggest that a push to increase the utility of aircraft has resulted in a tight schedule and reduced turnaround time between flights. Turnaround time is the time required to service a plane after its arrival at the gate to prepare it for its next flight.

Unlike its peers, Jet Airways fleet has not expanded rapidly over last two years and most of its capacity increase has come through increasing flying hours of Boeing 737- a mainstay of its fleet which is used on both domestic and short-haul international routes. Currently, it has 78 such planes.
24/12/17 Aneesh Phadnis & Arindam Majumder/Business Standard