Tuesday, January 02, 2018

AAI to review existing pick-up-drop time limit

Vasco: In a major decision, the Airport Authority of India (AAI) has initiated the process to review the existing free pick-up and drop time-limit policy at the airport.“At corporate level a comprehensive policy in this direction is being worked out but finally what and how the policy will be known only when the policy comes to us. Currently various options are being worked out like imposing a minimum fee for all private cars entering the airport area; but we are certainly reviewing the existing policy of free pickup-drop time at the airport,” said Dabolim International Airport Director B C H Negi said speaking exclusively to Herald.Currently the AAI-appointed contractor has installed toll booths for entry and exit at airport terminal area and any private car driver who enters into the airport for drop or pick up and fails to come out of exit toll booth in five minutes, a minimum fee of Rs 85 or more is collected at the exit toll booth from the private car driver. This is the standard parking fee for a car at Dabolim International Airport.
“We have been making all sorts of attempts to decongest the area opposite to terminal building. At present we have five minutes free time for cars after which one has to pay Rs 85 or more as parking fee; however in due course of time we will change the slabs with different timings for the convenience of the people. Those who park their vehicles for more time will have to pay more and whoever park for less time will have to pay less,” Negi informed.
02/01/18 Goacom