Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Airlines fasten seat belt for ‘silent’ airport take-off

Pune: The airlines operating from the city airport would heavily bank on alternative forms of communication systems to reach out to flyers due to limited public announcements with the facility going "silent" from Wednesday.
Representatives of different airlines stressed they had proper channels of communication in place and passengers' cooperation was very important in a "silent airport". An official of Air India told TOI, "During the check-in, we have directed our staffers to take down passengers' cellphone numbers so that we can call those not reaching the departure gate. While we have not received any specific guidelines from the airport authorities, we understand one can make one or two announcements."An official of GoAir said their all communication channels were in place. "The guideline needs to be followed. We have different communication channels, particularly text messages and calls. They will be put into use. The system should work for us," the spokesperson told TOI.
Pune airport officials have placed information boards at different places in the arrival and departure areas about the facility going "silent".Airport director Ajay Kumar said, "Enough flight information display screens (FIDS) are available at the airport. Airlines have been advised to inform passengers through SMS."
10/01/18 Times of India