Friday, January 12, 2018

Cial beefs up security with bollards, tyre busters

Kochi: The road leading to the Cochin international airport would soon have several additional security layers including a boom barrier and bollards.
The new security installations will be set-up right after the flyover making the stretch leading to airport an exclusive road to the airport.
In order to provide an alternative route to the traffic that is not heading to the airport, Cial has already started working on upgrading the existing road to Kalady and Perumbavoor.
The new security installations are being introduced as per the long-standing request of the CISF.
The new security infrastructure would be open and functional in the next three months. Once the Naka in introduced, people visiting Cial, will first come across the boom barrier, which will be operated by the CISF.
Presently, the first gate that commuters come across when they arrive at the airport is the toll gate. The boom barriers will be placed much ahead of these toll gates. The boom barrier will only be lowered if a specific vehicle matches a suspicious profile.
"All cars will not be stopped and checked, therefore will be no traffic snarls. Only vehicles that appear suspicious will be checked," said the spokesperson.
If the vehicle does not slow or stop as per the instruction of the CISF, then bollards, which are vertical metal posts that will rise from the road surface and act as a barrier for vehicles will be utilised.
If the bollardsprove insufficient to stop the vehicle, the CISF are equipped with 'tyre busters' which can be used to rupture the tyres of vehicles.
12/01/18 Times of India