Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Customs seized gold worth Rs 25 lakh at airport

Chennai: Customs sleuths have seized gold worth Rs 25 lakh in three cases and foreign currency worth Rs 4.3 lakh from another passenger in the last two days at Chennai airport. Two of the passengers had hidden the gold in their innerwear while the third had coated the gold with silver and attached it to his belt buckle.
Two cases of gold smuggling were detected on Monday. Four semi-finished gold chains weighing 317g and worth Rs 9.4 lakh were seized from Ashiq Nawaz, 28, who arrived from Singapore by an Air India flight.
In another case on the same day, officials seized two gold bars weighing 233g and worth around Rs 6.8 lakh from P Maboob Khan Patan, 50, who arrived from Riyadh via Dubai by an Emirates flight.
On Sunday night, a gold bar weighing 200g was seized from another passenger Vallur Mohammed, 38, who arrived from Kuwait via Dubai by an Emirates flight.
After customs officials found his belt buckle suspicious, a government approved gold assayer treated it with heat and acid and recovered 293g of gold valued at nearly Rs 8.6 lakh.
02/01/18 Times of India