Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Government streamlines process for additional Mopa payment

Panaji: The state government has streamlined the procedure for payment of additional compensation for land acquisition for the international airport at Mopa in Pernem taluka.
After the government sanctioned additional compensation of three times the value of land acquired to the persons whose lands have been acquired, claims have been settled by the Special Land Acquisition Officer (SLAO) or by any court under the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 (Central 1 of 1894) in respect of the airport project at Mopa. In some cases, the additional compensation sanctioned by Directorate of Civil Aviation could not be disbursed as the directorate received intimation from the relatives that the party to whom the compensation was sanctioned had expired, an official said
To disburse such compensation to the legal heirs, a new procedure has been notified.
The notification, signed by secretary (civil aviation), W V R Murthy, said the additional compensation will be released to the legal heirs based on inventory proceedings produced by the claimant/s or in the absence of inventory proceedings, the claimant/s has to produce deed of succession. In case the claim is not by all the successors mentioned in the succession deed then the compensation amount is to be released on pro-rata basis.
In case the claim is based on the 'will' of the deceased, the procedure is as follows:— A public notice as issued by the Directorate of Civil Aviation shall be published in the two local news papers (one in Devanagri and one in English) at the cost of the applicant seeking objections if any within a period of 15 days of publication.
10/01/18 Times of India