Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Greenfield airport project in Karaikal hits roadblock

Karaikal: The tourism and industry sector’s wait for India’s first private greenfield airport at Karaikal could prolong as promoters are facing a tough time in convincing a section of farmers to part with their land for undertaking construction activities.

At the start of last year, Karaikal Airport Private Limited had planned to complete the project by June 2018. But, as things stand, the project will take at least one year — from the start of construction activities — for completion, it is learnt.

Last year, KAPL had stated that 350 out of the proposed 526 acres required for the airport project had been acquired and the runway would be constructed on 60 acres of land. But 15 acres of land on which the runway had been planned could not be procured.

Stakeholders of religious tourism sector, in particular, have cause for disappointment as the Puducherry government, they say, has not done enough to convince the farmers to part with their land that is located on the proposed runway area for which the promoters had already promised to compensate well.

"We are even prepared to provide the farmers parting with the agricultural fields for the project with land already in possession of the company to enable them resume agricultural operations. But there has been no positive response from the side of the farmers," KAPL Chairman J.V. Chowdhary said.
10/01/18 R. Krishnamoorthy/The Hindu