Friday, January 05, 2018

How to cop cheap return Goa flight tickets for just Rs 3800

We’ve found cheap Goa flight tickets that will make you apply for a leave right now. That’s right, between February 5 and February 8 this year, you’ll be able to fly to Goa and back for about  ?3800. Of course, you’ll only be able to enjoy this three-day vacation over the work week but at the price at which these cheap Goa flight tickets are going, you might as well be a bit of a rebel and send your HR that email right now. Perhaps the best part of these tickets is that you can enjoy the entire day in Goa as opposed to rushing between flights to try to make the most of your mini-vacation. Here’s what your air travel would look like:

Cheap Goa flight tickets available right now:
Mumbai to Goa flight tickets for ?1,819: You don’t have to miss work on February 4 – or even take a half day – to make it to Goa by February 5. If you book the Air India flight departing from Mumbai at 2.10 am on February 5, you’ll be in Goa by 3.20 am on the same day. Want to get some delicious Goan breakfast and take your morning walk by the beach? You can do all this and more with these cheap Goa flight tickets that cost as little as ?1,819.
05/01/18 Paloma Sharma/GQ