Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Indigo exempts weapon-handling charges for sportspersons travelling for tournaments

New Delhi: IndiGo Airlines on Monday announced it’s decision to exempt weapon-handling charges for sportspersons travelling to participate in tournaments. The exemption has been announced for both domestic and international flights. Thus, sportspersons shall not be levied charges for firearms, air guns and related ammunition. However, IndiGo said a sportsperson would have to carry any government ID to avail of the exemption.
“Announced the exemption of weapon handling charges for Indian sportspersons travelling for tournaments both on domestic and international sectors. They will be exempted from paying the charge levied for firearms, air guns and or ammunition provided they carry a government ID,” ANI quoted the airlines as saying.

On the other hand, disinvestment-bound state carrier Air India has stated that any sportsperson travelling for the purpose of participation in any ‘shooting event’ and carrying more than one firearm and ammunition exceeding 50 rounds is required to carry ‘evidence’ to establish her/his identity and the government backed bonafide to possess such weapon.
01/01/18 Indian Express