Friday, January 05, 2018

Jwala Gutta Slams IndiGo as Airline Forgets to Load Baggage on Chennai-Hyderabad Flight

Chennai: Indian badminton star Jwala Gutta on Thursday shared the horrific experience that one of her acquaintance had to go through as IndiGo staff at Chennai Airport forgot to load the baggage on a flight towards Hyderabad.

Sharing the post of her acquaintance, Gutta tweeted, “Another horrible experience which one of my acquaintance had to go through today. This is ridiculous IndiGo6E.”

In the post, Reshma Kutagulla shares how she was made to wait for over 40 minutes at Hyderabad Airport for her baggage as the IndiGo staff at Chennai Airport forgot to load the bags.
Lambasting at Chennai IndiGo staff, Kutagulla posted on Facebook, “Looks like the staff at Indigo Chennai missed their morning filter Coffee today as they forgot to load around 39 bags into the flight creating a chaos at the Hyderabad Airport. ”

She also asked the airlines to show some professionalism and a proper explanation for the unfortunate incident. “What is it that the airlines will do to compensate for all the loss we have suffered today in terms of time, energy and anything which goes missing from our bags,” she added.