Thursday, January 11, 2018

Mangaluru Airport director denies vehicle on runway during aircraft takeoff

Mangaluru: The Director of Mangaluru International Airport V.V. Rao has denied reports that there was a vehicle on the runway during the takeoff of an aircraft on Thursday.

In a release he said: “Wrong and vague information is being given by media. There was no tractor or any other baggage carrying trolley on the runway during the takeoff.”

The director said that before the departure of a Jet Airways flight (9W 434) to Mumbai the Air Traffic Control (ATC) observed one tractor far away from the runway on the basic strip. Hence the take off was held back for few minutes as a safety measure. “The ATC cleared the takeoff immediately after the tractor was moved away from the basic strip.”

Mr. Rao told The Hindu that the aircraft was held back on the taxiway before entering the runway for a minute at about 11.25 a.m. The tractor was there in connection with cutting grass on the basic strip (far away from the runway). The grass is cut as a routine work to maintain clear visibility of the runway.
11/01/18 The Hindu