Friday, January 12, 2018

Panic at Naal Airport after passenger found with loaded pistol prior to his boarding

Jaipur: Authorities at the Naal Airport of Bikaner were in panic when they found a passengers travelling with a loaded pistol. He was handed over to the police. Police in its investigation found that the passenger was having a valid license for the pistol; however, he was not supposed to travel in an airplane with a pistol. "We informed the police. A team of senior police officers rushed to the spot and detained the passenger for interrogation. It was found that he was having a valid license for the pistol," said RK Meena, Director, Naal Airport. '
Meena added that a passenger wish to carry any arm need to make a declaration and the airlines concern hand over the weapon to the destination airport to the passenger. However, in this case the passenger did not inform about it and claimed he left it ignorantly in one of the baggage.
RK Meena, Director of the airport, talking to TOI, on the incident, said, "The passenger was traveling to Delhi from Bikaner in the morning We informed the police and did not allow him to board the flight."
On the norms followed by airport for person carrying their weapons, Meena said, "If a person wishes to carry a licensed weapon he is supposed to declare it before the airlines concerned. The airline takes his weapon prior to boarding and the weapon is handed over to the passenger to his destination airport. He is not allowed to travel with it."
12/01/18 Ashish Mehta/Times of India