Thursday, January 04, 2018

Runways to switch on UPS today

Kolkata: Lights on the primary runway, taxiways and parking bays at the Kolkata airport will have uninterrupted power supply from Thursday midnight.
The move will ensure they do not fail during critical flight operations in low visibility conditions.
The Kolkata airport will now switch on the CAT III-B instrument landing system (ILS) that will allow flights to operate till the visibility drops below 50 metres.
The powerful runway approach lights and those along the central line on the runway, taxiways and parking bays are crucial for pilots to steer planes safely in virtually no-visibility conditions. As much as 150kW electricity will be routed through the UPS system from CESC to power these lights.
Should the CESC power supply fail for some reason, diesel generators have been installed to provide 24x7 backup. Airports Authority of India general manager B K Sarkar, who manages the air traffic at the Kolkata facility, said, "If both power supplies fail in an extreme situation, the UPS will be able to power the lights for 30 minutes. After that operations will have to be suspended till power supply is restored."
Metal gates have been installed at the vehicle service lanes in the apron area to prevent passenger buses, refuelling trucks, catering vans, luggage trolleys and security vehicles coming in the way of aircraft.
04/01/18 Times of India