Friday, January 12, 2018

Uber's flying cabs may end your traffic woes soon as ride hailing app works on unique concept

It seems Uber has a one-time solution for Mumbai’s all-season, perennial traffic woes. The US-based ride hailing firm is working on a plan for starting flying taxis in the metropolis and other such cities across the world. The app-based cab services player currently provides on-demand car services on rates that many find affordable.

According to a Business Line report, Uber is in talks with many countries for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft. The company believes there is dire need of such flying cars in cities like Mumbai that witness from heavy to heaviest traffic jams during rush hours.

Uber denies that the concept will take at least ten years from now to turn into reality. “It is much closer to reality than you animagine,” Mark Moore, engineering director of aviation at Uber has been quoted in the BL report. Moore joined flying taxis division at Uber last year only after he spent 30 long years at NASA, American space agency.

Though Uber is in talks with several governments worldwide, it believes India offers it a promising and large market as the demand for flying taxis in country's big cities would be much higher. Moore has been at the forefront of the Uber Elevate, ride-haling app’s flying taxi concept.
12/01/18 First Post