Thursday, January 04, 2018

Unidentified person booked for flying to UK on someone else’s passport

Chandigarh: An unknown person has been booked by the Chandigarh Police who flew to the UK from India in December by using passport of Hira Singh, who lost the same. Singh is a UK national who arrived in India a month ago.
According to the police, Singh had arrived in India in December 4 last year on a UK passport and during his stay in Chandigarh he lost the same. Singh then obtained an emergency UK passport, which was issued on December 27.
As per the police, Singh had applied for exit permit to leave India for the UK. After verification of his passport and visa particulars, it was found that he arrived in India on December 4 at the Delhi airport, and left the country on December 15 from the Mumbai airport, whereas he is still present in India.
Therefore, a detailed report into the matter was sent to the Intelligence Bureau, GoI, and the MHA on December 28, with a request to get his immigration record checked by the Bureau of Immigration. In this regard, a reply was received as per which one UK national namely Hira Singh, has already left India for the UK, but his camera image may appear to be different.
03/01/18 Tribune