Monday, January 01, 2018

Unregistered luxury bus plying in CIAL seized

Kochi: In an early morning drive on Sunday, the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) seized a luxury contract carriage bus which was plying at the Cochin International Airport for the last five years without registering with the MVD.

According to the department, the low-floor vehicle which was plying on contract with CIAL, evaded a tax amount of Rs 5 lakh.  The team headed by Enforcement RTO K M Shaji took the vehicle into the custody after receiving a tip-off on his mobile.“As per the rule, a new vehicle should register under a registering authority but over the last five years, this vehicle has been plying without registering with the MVD. This is a broad daylight violation,” said Shaji.

According to the department, there are many vehicles plying inside the CIAL without valid registration.
“Though the registration of several vehicles plying inside the airport has expired, they are still engaged in the contract.
“This luxury vehicle was earning nearly Rs 1 lakh from CIAL every month and they did not bother about the registration,” said Shaji who initiated the action along with Manoj Kumar M G and Naufal A.Meanwhile, the department is planning to check the registration of all the vehicles plying inside the CIAL as contract carriages.
01/01/18 New Indian Express