Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Varanasi seaplane service might be a reality soon

Varanasi tourism might be in for a boost as SpiceJet plans to launch seaplane service here in the city. According to the chairman of the aviation company, Ajay Singh, 2018 could see the launch of such planes, and Varanasi to be the launch-pad for the same. The planes can land both on land and water, and would be connected to nearby cities.

The seaplane service had already seen the light of day when it was demonstrated on December 9, 2017 as it flew from Mumbai airport to Girgaum Chowpatty. Indian PM Narendra Modi also flew in the aircraft in Ahmedabad in December, 2017. After these successful demonstrations, it is now being said that 2018 might see the first of seaplane services in India, starting with Varanasi.
Varanasi tourism could be reaching new heights with the introduction of the seaplanes, for these planes would just require a water body for takeoff and landing. The floats of the seaplane have tyres, and thus it can have the river as a runway. The aviation company working towards this project has tied up with Setouchi Holdings Inc of Japan, and are working together to deliver planes that are 10 and 14 seaters. Each of these seaplanes cost around $5 million, and the company is looking to place an order for 100 planes at the least.
02/01/18 Arka Roy Chowdhury/Happy Trips