Monday, February 12, 2018

5kg of gold in shorts of flier in wheelchair

Dum Dum: A traveller in a wheelchair was caught at the airport on Sunday carrying more than 5kg of gold worth Rs 1.6 crore in multiple pockets sewn onto his shorts.

The 60-year old accused from Tamil Nadu turned out to be perfectly fit to walk without any aid, let alone a wheelchair.

Customs officials said he admitted during interrogation that he had asked for the wheelchair because he was unable to walk properly with gold bars weighing above 5kg in the "special pockets".
"He thought the wheelchair would also help him avoid scrutiny," an official said.

The passenger, a resident of Nellikuppam in Cuddalore, was passing through the green channel with his wheelchair pushed by an airline employee when his "tense face" gave him away, the official said.

He had arrived on a flight from Dubai on Sunday morning around 7.30am. A body search revealed eight gold bars weighing 5.3kg. The bars were wrapped in tissue and a layer of transparent adhesive.

An airline official said there was no way to find out if someone needs a wheelchair because there is no requirement for any medical document while seeking such assistance.
12/02/18 Telegraph