Thursday, February 08, 2018

Delhi-bound GoAir flight suffers bird hit

A Delhi-bound GoAir flight on Wednesday morning, having 168 passengers on board, suffered a bird-hit immediately after take-off. However, the flight landed back in Ahmedabad safely. As a precautionary measure, the flight GoAir 720 was eventually cancelled and the with help of other airlines. Passengers were accommodated on different flights.

The flight that took off at 8.50 am remained stranded till evening, until it was declared safe to fly.

Confirming the same, Manoj Gangal, Airport Director, said: "The aircraft suffered a bird hit, from Kite, immediately after take-off. However, all passengers are safe. I had immediately called for a meeting of other airline station managers to inquire about no-show or vacant seats to accommodate the affected passengers. Some even had their interviews. Of 168 passengers, nearly 31 cancelled their tickets. We managed to accommodate the rest."

"Specialist engineers flew down from Mumbai to inspect and check on the impact of the bird-hit. In the evening, the flight was declared safe to fly again."
08/02/18 DNA