Monday, February 19, 2018

Flyer at Delhi airport claims pilot threatened to crash plane

New Delhi: There was high drama at Delhi airport when passengers of a delayed Bengaluru-bound GoAir flight shot videos of the pilots walking towards the plane long after the scheduled departure time.
The flyers were waiting in the aerobridge after getting tired of sitting in the plane.
When the pilots objected to being clicked in the aerobridge, angry passengers told them that they would put the videos on social media. “One passenger went inside Airbus A-320 and told other flyers that the pilot had threatened to crash the plane if the videos were put on social media. This led to scare in the plane and demands for the crew to be changed,” a source said. When it was made clear that the pilots won’t be replaced, three passengers chose to walk off the plane.
GoAir denied that its pilots had made the crash remark. “GoAir strongly refutes any such allegation. After conducting due diligence and inquiry into the matter, (we) have ascertained that no such statement has been made by the Captain and this has been corroborated by ground and on-board staff. Of the checked-in 185 (passengers) and two infants, the flight finally departed with 182 and two infants,” a GoAir spokesman said.
Asked why its pilots were late, the airline attributed it to “administrative reasons”, without elaborating.
GoAir’s G8 113 had a scheduled departure time of 5.50am. “Boarding began at 5.10am and was soon completed. Till 7am, we kept waiting in the aircraft for it to take off. There was no announcement and many co-passengers got angry and started shouting,” said a passenger who didn’t want to be named.
Since it was waiting for pilots, the Airbus A-320 was connected to the aerobridge at IGI. “Some passengers walked out of the plane to the aerobridge after 7.15 or 7.30am. They saw the pilots walking to the plane on the aerobridge. They shot his video on their mobiles,” said the flyer.
After the alleged crash threat, some flyers said they did not want to fly with such a pilot. The crew told them that replacing the pilots will not be possible and then three passengers walked off the plane.
19/02/18 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India