Friday, February 09, 2018

IndiGo plane aborts take-off on spotting another on runway

Chennai: A Chennai to Pune IndiGo airlines flight which began its take-off run had to abort it midway after its pilot spotted an Indian Coast Guard's Dornier 228 aircraft taxiing on the same runway at 11.40am on Thursday. The planes were facing each other on the second runway.
Sources said that the small Dornier plane was taxiing to its hangar and was coming from Manapakkam end of the second runway, when the IndiGo plane was ready for take-off on the Trident-end of the same runway. The IndiGo plane had received the go ahead for take-off though the small plane was on the same runway.
"Fortunately, the IndiGo pilot spotted the plane on the runway before the aircraft picked up speed. He turned the plane to the left, on to the main runway, and informed the air traffic control about the runway incursion by the Dornier plane," said an official.
He also said that both the planes were given permission to proceed on their paths by the air traffic control room. The planes happened to be on the same runway as the airport is doing cross runway operations or simultaneous use of the main and the second runways.
09/02/18 V Ayyappan/Times of India