Friday, February 23, 2018

Many Air India fliers forced to take Jaipur-Del bus

Even after buying tickets as pricey as Rs 5,000 a pop for a seat aboard Air India flight 9844, several passengers from Jaipur had to take the bus to New Delhi. This incident happened with the passengers of Air India flight AI 9844.

On Thursday morning, when passengers had boarded the runway shuttle to go till their plane, they were informed that there was a technical glitch in the craft and the flight was being cancelled. Sources, though, said that one of the plane’s tyres had gone flat.

But nine passengers refused to get off the shuttle. They had to be forced out, sources said, leading to a clash with the ground staff. The passengers approached the airline officials and demanded that they be accommodated on another flight, but they were told that all flights were full.
23/02/18 Abhishek Tiwari/DNA