Tuesday, February 20, 2018

New IoT device makes pet transit by air easy

Mumbai: It firm Unisys Corporation has introduced an IoT (Internet of Things) device that provides the ability to pet owners to continuously monitor and talk to their pets through their smartphone or other personal devices while the pets are transported as air cargo.

Called Digi-Pet, the device was developed at the company’s innovation centre in Bengaluru, and uses IoT technology via smart sensors attached to the pet’s kennel or carry case to monitor and transmit key metrics such as temperature, oxygen levels, vibration and light and automatically alert the pet owners and the airline’s staff to take immediate action for the comfort of the pet as well as owners.

Loss and injury caused to pets while on transit as air cargo is a heartbreaking experience for pet owners. There have been instances where in pets do not make it to the final destination due to intense heat at the tarmac or travel related stress inside the cargo hold. Owners also remain anxious through out the journey causing emotional situations. Unisys said its new and first of its kind product will address all these concerns.
Pet owners can also avail live video streaming, photos and voice exchanges so that they can see and talk to the pets via on a mobile app on their smartphones. “I am emotionally attached to this product and with this we are providing emotion to cargo that has been missing so far,” said Dheeraj Kohli, vice president & Global Head Travel & Transportation, Unisys Corporation in an interview.

“It has always been a painful experience for pet owners to remain separated from their pets for long hours while on transit. People are emotionally attached to their pets and staying away without knowing the exact condition is quite distressing. And the full visibility of the pet will help,” he said.
20/02/18 Lalatendu Mishra/The Hindu