Friday, February 16, 2018

Pune airport runaway pet finally reunited with owner after 3 days

Pune:  It was a happy reunion at last between the master and the runaway pet.
After three harrowing days of running from pillar to post, Vishal Verma finally got Shangul back on Thursday.
Shangul, a German Spitz, was slated to fly to New Delhi in the cargo hold of an Air India flight on Monday when it wriggled out of its cage and made a dash for freedom towards the airside of the Lohegaon airport.
He was finally traced near the technical area of Indian Air Force at Lohegaon on Thursday in a “fine” condition, although he appeared to have shed some weight.
“I received a call around 11 am from an IAF officer who said that my dog had been found. I am thankful to the IAF, the Airports Authority of India (AAI), the CISF and the ground staff of Air India for helping me find my pet,” Vishal told TOI.
According to him, his dog was in good shape but had lost some weight. “The IAF men had fed him biscuits and water before I took him to a doctor for a check-up. For the last three days, I was under immense stress but had faith in God. It is a great feeling to get him back,” he added.
As soon as the dog ran away, Vishal decided to postpone his plan to permanently shift to his hometown Delhi.
“ I will go to Pune airport on Friday and distribute sweets to all those who helped me. The next day, I will visit Saibaba temple at Shirdi and offer my prayers. I plan to return to Delhi by Sunday or by early next week ,” he said.
16/02/18 Joy Sengupta/Times of India