Sunday, February 11, 2018

sky high

Jaipur airport is taking wings: Passenger traffic has surged by 31% in fiscal 2016-17 with the total number of passengers touching 38,05,711 during the period.

Of these, 4,54,183 were international passengers with the rest being domestic passengers.

In the financial year 2015-16, the total number of passengers travelling through Jaipur airport stood at 29,04,350. That year, too, the growth rate was an impressive 31.52 %.

As such, the airport authorities are now gearing up to ease the congestion at the airport.

In order to do that, a plan has been charted whereby terminal 2 (T2) will see a horizontal expansion. Work for the development of terminal 2 has already been awarded. Moreover, a project monitoring consultant was appointed on January 12this year .He will be responsible for the execution the expansion plan of terminal 2.

Currently, about 60 flights operate daily from Jaipur airport and many more flights are expected in the coming months.

As a result, the passenger load which the terminal sees is huge, said sources. During the morning, when the frequency of flights is high, there is heavy rush in the lobby of T2 causing much inconvenience to the passengers.

The flights operating from Jaipur also include a dozen intra-state flights which were started in recent months in the state to increase air connectivity between various cities in the state.
11/02/18 Abhishek Tiwari/DNA