Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Straightening of ‘Bravo’ taxiway begins at airport

Chennai: Nearly a decade after it was proposed, work to straighten the taxiway called ‘Bravo’ has finally started, officials said. The work involves straightening of a curve (of the ‘B’ taxiway) as it delays aircraft that are headed towards the main runway.

Officials said the work will be carried out in two phases and will be completed in two years. “We will carry out this work without any disruptions to flight schedules. Currently, only initial work has been taken up; but when work reaches a crucial stage, the main runway will have to be closed during the day and the secondary runway will be used,” an official said.

This is because the taxiway runs parallel and close to the main runway, so it will be shut from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and post 6 p.m., both runways will be operated simultaneously.

Only recently, the cross-runway operations (where both main and secondary runways are used at the same time) began at the airport. But this will turn out to be a pointless exercise because when the straightening work of this taxiway progresses further, and also the construction of rapid exit taxiways too start in a few weeks, cross runway operations cannot continue until such works are complete.
07/02/18 Sunitha Sekar/The Hindu