Friday, February 23, 2018

Traffic mismanagement irks air passengers in Srinagar

Missing flights is becoming a norm in Kashmir courtesy huge traffic mess and traffic mismanagement in the city especially on the roads leading to the Sher-e-Kashmir International airport Srinagar.

Voices are calling for immediate steps to manage the Airport traffic corridor in better way so that they do not bear brunt. All this mess in recent times has caused problems to students, patients etc on account of missing flights due to heavy traffic jams and long wait to enter airport.

A passenger who missed his flight due to traffic jam states – “I had an emergency meeting to attend at the Delhi but due to long traffic jams and roads leading to airport in mess I missed the flight despite leaving hours before for airport. This season on account of incomplete flyover, mismanagement of traffic the number of people missing flights is growing.”

Since past few months missing of flights by much courtesy messy traffic system is calling upon authorities to revamp the airport traffic corridor in better way.

“I take about 10 or 12 return flights per year for work. Departure times are usually early afternoon, so no rush-hour traffic to contend with. I always give myself far more time to drive to the airport than I would normally require (I live about an hour away from the nearest airports and trains are not convenient), but it seems that every time I set off on one of these journeys I always get stuck in traffic somewhere,” added Shabir Ahmad.
22/02/18 Kashmir Patriot